Invisible For Black & White Spray

48H + Anti-Stain Protection
Keeps your black clothes black and white clothes white for longer.

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  • Overview

    Leave no white marks on your skin and/or dark clothes, and help to prevent build up of yellow stains on white clothes with NIVEA MEN Invisible for Black & White Deodorant.

    Available in 50ml and 25ml Roll-ons, and 150ml Sprays.

    How it works

    • Its anti-white mark technology makes the white residue invisible.
    • With anti-yellow stain compound that protects cloth fibers before stain components can penetrate them, keeping them white for longer.
    • The optimal combination of effective 48H antiperspirant protection and NIVEA MEN Care Complex.
    • Dermatologically tested and approved.


    • Stain-free clothes and underarms.
    • Dry and fresh all day.