Before you became pregnant, you and your body had an understanding. You were good to it, it was good to you. Not any more! Your feet are swelling, ligaments are stretching, veins are bulging and hormones are raging. Simply put, you need help. Fortunately, we have some ideas in store for you.

Head-to-Toe Wash

Two products in one: gently cleanses both baby’s delicate skin and fine hair without drying.

The problem: Itchy skin. As your skin stretches, it can become dry and itchy. The cure: Slather NIVEA BODY Smooth Milk for intensive moisturization of your skin after bathing. For a more intense treatment, especially itching skin, use NIVEA BODY SOS-Relief Body Lotion with instant skin-soothing panthenol and skin-softening calendula oil or the NIVEA BODY Soft Oil with Avocado oil. It smoothes very dry skin. Also avoid harsh soaps and use the NIVEA Bar Soap Milk Bar instead. It is an especially mild soap, enriched with the valuable ingredients of NIVEA Body Milk. This pH skin-balanced hand wash gently cleanses your skin and protects it from drying out.

The problem: Frequent urination. Your growing uterus presses on your bladder. The cure: Your uterus will soon move up, relieving the pressure. Meanwhile, keep drinking liquids and don't wait to urinate, because it can lead to a urinary tract infection.

The problem: Edema. You may retain some fluid, especially around your ankles and feet. The cure: Put your feet up, switch standing and sitting positions often and don't cross your legs. If your rings get tight, put them on a chain and wear them as a necklace.

The problem: Varicose veins. Valves that propel blood start to soften, causing the blood to pool and form painful bulges. The cure: Avoid crossing your legs, standing in one position for too long or wearing anything that cuts off circulation (like knee-high socks). Support hose may also help soothe the aches.

The problem: Fatigue .Hormonal havoc and the energy it takes to create a baby sap your strength. The cure: Rest often and avoid sugar and caffeine.

The problem: Leg cramps. Sluggish circulation causes painful knots. The cure: Gentle massage or stretching (with toes flexed, not pointed) can help relax the muscle. Try stretching your legs before bedtime.

The problem: Round-ligament pain. Your ligaments stretch to support the growing weight of your womb, causing sharp pains from the top of your uterus down to your pubic bone. The cure: Get off your feet, and support your belly with a pillow when you're lying on your side. Warm baths are soothing too.

The problem: Hemorrhoids. These swollen rectal veins result from hard-to-pass bowel movements. The cure: Try ice packs, salt baths or a witch hazel compress. Also ask your doctor about a stool softener or suppositories.

The problem: Digestive dysfunction. Pregnancy hormones slow some bodily functions, resulting in constipation, indigestion, bloating and gas. The cure: Eat a diet high in fiber (whole grains, raw fruits and vegetables), drink plenty of liquids and try to take a walk every day.

The problem: Tender breasts. As your breasts rev up for breastfeeding, they may be slightly swollen and feel sensitive or painful to touch. The cure: Buy a comfortable and supportive bra (without an underwire).

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