Although I am not leaking fluid anymore, I have self-diagnosed two other ailments.

Head-to-Toe Wash

Two products in one: gently cleanses both baby’s delicate skin and fine hair without drying.

The first is Restless Leg Syndrome. And no, I did not make that up. RLS, as it is known, is essentially a series of muscle spasms that make your legs feel restless. Hence the name. It kind of feels like you want to get up and run around. I imagine its what kids with ADD feel like all the time. It's the sort of twitch that makes it literally impossible to sit still. So I have to get up and march or I make Mike punch my legs. Mike thinks that ""RLS"" explains why I can’t live in one place for too long. ;-)

I have also come down with Muffin-top Foot Syndrome, otherwise known as "pregnant lady’s swollen feet". I have started to use the vitamin E cream on my feet now as they are more likely to get stretch marks than my stomach. You remember Violet Beauregard from the book Charlie and the Chocolate Factory? She's the girl who chews the gum and then turns into a giant blueberry and the oompa lumpas have to roll her away and squeeze her. That’s my feet. Except they’re not blue. Yet.

In addition to my legs twitching and feet growing, the kids are also getting their groove on. We were out until 5am Saturday night/Sunday morning at a wedding. I felt hungover all Sunday despite the fact that all I drank was club soda. We caught the train home and I sprawled out across three seats and took a nap. When I woke up, Mike was leaning over me, two fingers pressed to my belly button with a very concentrated look on his face. When I asked him what he was doing he said: "Don’t move, I’m giving one of them a high five."

Something I noticed recently is that bellies make people smile. It’s kind of nice. You walk by a group of people and everyone’s eyes go directly to your belly or belly button that is now almost all the way out (33 years of dirt and lint - begone!). And then they smile.  In this very sort of sympathetic, knowing, warm-fuzzy way. I have also found that I love it when people touch my belly. Although as long as they are people who are friends or acquaintances and they  ask first. I am sure I would feel differently if random strangers approached to get some belly lovin’ without asking.

Anyway, that is it for my random scattered thoughts for this week. I am heading to yoga tonight after work and we will be going over birthing positions... Can't wait......(gulp).


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