The moment of truth is drawing close. Are you ready for this life changing experience? Test yourself and enjoy a bit of healthy advice.

Head-to-Toe Wash

Two products in one: gently cleanses both baby’s delicate skin and fine hair without drying.

Question: Do you know the route to the hospital? Prepare: This may seem obvious, but unless you're away when your partner's water breaks, you'll probably be driving her to the hospital. This is when your memory cells go dim. So do a practice run. Make sure you know the route well and have established alternative routes in case you run into traffic.

Question: Do you have all the important phone numbers handy? Prepare: Have a contact list ready or create a contact group on your cell phone or personal organizer, which includes the essential phone numbers of the hospital, midwife, doctor, family and friends.

Question: Have you packed everything you are going to need in your hospital bag? Prepare: See the NIVEA Baby His hospital bag checklist to find out what to include in a perfect birth partner bag to ensure you and your partner are as comfortable as possible during the birth.

Question: Are you going to make a good birth partner? Prepare: Focus on supporting the mother of you child as best you can. Record music she wants to hear during childbirth and prepare some distractions that you can bring to the hospital. Be ready to embrace, coach, soothe and massage her. Feed her ice chips and offer her liquids. If you're up for it, ask your doctor or midwife if you can "catch" your baby, so you will support them as they emerge from the birth canal and cut their umbilical cord.

Question: Do you know how to hold your newborn? Prepare: You are probably quite nervous. But when you see your baby and hold it for the first time, the bulk of that worry will disappear. You'll soon start to realize how tough babies are. However, it is helpful to find a couple of ways to hold your baby that are comfortable. The midwives or any experienced parents will show you a few ways to hold your baby. Don't worry, you instincts will soon kick in!

Question: Can you take your share in your baby’s care? Prepare: If you can, arrange for paternity leave. You'll then be able to participate in your baby's care during the first days and weeks after the birth. Install a smoke detector in their nursery and other key rooms in your home. Collect take-out menus and put them in a handy folder (you'll be surprised how often you'll use them!). And buy your partner a gift she'll always remember. After all, she's about to give you a pretty incredible gift herself.

Happy parenting!

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