Hi All, I hoped that I'd be sending this email from the hospital or Mike's mobile, telling you: "It's a .....!". But I'm not. It's just another update. Aaaarrrgghhh!

Head-to-Toe Wash

Two products in one: gently cleanses both baby’s delicate skin and fine hair without drying.

Current mood: Annoyed, but better than I was two days ago.

To sum up our progress since I last checked-in: My friend and fellow concert attendee Ann, gave birth to a healthy baby boy. Two days later, I went to acupuncture, alone. That night, Friday, we went to the hospital and talked to Dr Meyer who said everything looks good. I can come in on Sunday to be induced or wait. Technically I am not yet overdue and both my babies are now considered full term and a healthy weight. But there is no medical reason to induce. The decision to induce would be purely one of impatience.

So we went home to think it over, secretly or audibly wishing that everything would just spontaneously start. We finally decided we didn't want to make the decision for our babies, that they will choose to come out when they are good and ready. And we’d prefer not to schedule the birth like a hair cut. We talked to my gynecologist who said that inducing didn't mean things would suddenly happen anyway. It could mean that I would be sitting in the hospital for the next three, four or five days with little to do except become crankier. So, we decided we would not induce. We would wait.

The weekend passed and we both realized that we needed to let go of our expectations and go with the flow, which I suppose is a good lesson for parenthood. So yesterday we went to our regular doctor appointment. She examined my cervix, but instead of just scraping for cells like a pap smear, she jammed her finger up between my cervix and uterus to see if there is any dilation.  While she prodded and poked I was certain she was trying to see if she could stick her finger up through my body and out of my nose. She then got one finger between my cervix and uterus. This means I am almost-but-not-quite 1 cm dilated.

So while I am a little further along than last week, the 15 pounds of pure baby weight pushing down on my cervix has made little impact. Unfortunately, it seems I have inherited my mother's "cervix of steel". Mom had to have help getting each of her three overdue children out and apparently my aunty was the same. I knew this but I always thought that twins trump hereditarily-fortified cervix. Apparently not.

So, I have now upped my acupuncture sessions and planned to have my doctor probe my cervix again on Friday and again on Monday. If nothing is further along by then...  I am going to re-evaluate my position on inducing and drag my puffy eyes, elephant legs, stretched out belly, fabulous finger nails and bad attitude into the hospital for some drugs. I think.

I will write again as soon as something happens. However, I have stopped holding my breath.

Much love,

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