A sunny day at the beach, a picnic in the park or just going for a stroll on a beautiful day, are lovely ways to pass the time with your little sunshine. A little bit of sun and blue sky can be just the ticket to put you both in a good mood.

Head-to-Toe Wash

Two products in one: gently cleanses both baby’s delicate skin and fine hair without drying.

NIVEA Baby Sun Protection Cream SPF 30 and Lotion SPF 50+ have been developed to make you feel good while enjoying the sun with your little one. These specially formulated baby skincare products offer all the protection babies and toddlers need for time outdoors on a sunny day.

Regardless of how well their skin fares in the sun, your baby’s skin is not fully-developed and needs protection. Even dark skinned babies, who won’t burn as quickly as fair babies, should be protected. Therefore it is extremely important to choose a product with a high SPF. The SPF indicates the factor by which the self-protection time is prolonged. NIVEA Baby Sun Cream SPF 30 and Sun Milk SPF 50+ therefore enhance the natural protection time thirty-fold and fifty-fold. Both products contain a well-balanced combination of physical and organic filter systems for maximum UVA protection. The UVA sign on NIVEA Baby sun protection products indicates they provide trustworthy UVA protection.

Remember, you only get the full effect if you apply a sufficient amount of the product. Tests that determine the SPF of a specific sun product are conducted with 2mg of sun protection cream or lotion per square centimeter of skin. If you apply less, the SPF diminishes. So be generous with the amount of sun protection you use.

But even with this high or extremely high protection, dermatologists recommend that babies are not exposed to direct sun light during their first year of life. Additional sun protection by means of clothing, hats and shades is essential. UVA rays penetrate the skin on cloudy days too. Rays can also pass through the window glass of a car. So make sure your little one is protected with sunscreen and shade on overcast days and during long rides in a car.

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