Toddler 36 months old

Can you believe your little one is going to be three years old soon? That also means this is the last newsletter you get from us. We hope the journey you’ve had with your child has been great so far. Being a mom is a challenging but truly wonderful experience and we’re happy that we could share it with you and play a little part. Enjoy our last tips. We wish you and your family the very best for the future!

Make happiness contagious and get your kid infected!

Here’s a bug you’ll want your kid to catch: happiness! It’s said, that if a child’s parents (that’s you!) are happy, if her classmates are cheery, if her neighborhood pals are smiley – well, she or he’s more likely to be sunny, too. Try to keep your little one in the happy-go-lucky loop.


Head-to-Toe Wash

A bath is a wonderful bonding experience.

Most parents just love to give their baby a bath. It’s more about pleasure than about cleansing, and it’s a time to bond. A bath in the evening is also a nice relaxing bedtime routine. As it is known that too many and too long baths might dry out the skin, NIVEA Baby developed extra mild and gentle formulas for its bathing products. All products are free of alcohol, colorants and have  a skin-friendly pH value.

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