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One blue tin, 100

years of memories

We remember watching our mothers use it morning and night. We remember having the soft white cream massaged into our skin after a bath, or before we went out to play. We even remember our fathers using NIVEA Creme as a shaving lotion, or as a soothing aftershave balm. It’s memories like these that have made the blue tin a part of family life for generations. Yet there was a time when the blue tin wasn’t blue at all. When we launched NIVEA Creme in 1911, it was originally packaged in a yellow tin decorated with green art nouveau tendrils. It wasn’t until we decided to introduce a more contemporary design in 1925 that the blue tin was born. Since then, NIVEA Creme’s blue tin, unique scent and velvety texture have remained largely unchanged. Perhaps this is why NIVEA Creme resonates so strongly with so many people. It doesn’t just provide reliable, nourishing care – it evokes the sights, smells and textures we associate with childhood, too. Whatever the reason, the blue tin has now become one of the most successful skincare products of all time. But more importantly, it’s now a tradition for millions of families in more than 200 countries around the world. And we hope it will keep giving people beautiful memories for many years to come.