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This year, NIVEA celebrates its historic 100th anniversary. For the past century, we’ve provided consumers with expert skincare, and you’ve responded by letting us know exactly how you feel about our products. The truth is, we love our fan mail. The archives at our headquarters in Hamburg, Germany are filled with countless letters and postcards that we’ve kept, which express our customers’ affinity for NIVEA. One letter, written in 1927 by Austrian actor and cabaret performer Paul Morgan, was particularly humbling. He wrote, “NIVEA Creme is addictive! Having succumbed to it, you will never again be able to do without it.” Many of the letters in our archive have come from children and include lovingly drawn pictures. One such picture thanks the company for a NIVEA beach ball, while another proudly declares that, “at our house, not a day goes by without NIVEA!” At our Hamburg location alone, we receive more than 1,200 questions, suggestions and “thank you” letters each week. Every year, some 100,000 consumers worldwide provide feedback about NIVEA products. Today, telephone calls and email have largely replaced old-fashioned letters. And thanks to social networks like Facebook, it’s never been easier for fans of NIVEA to connect with us from anywhere in the world. Thank you to all of the fans that have written to us over the past 100 years. We hope you’ll keep close and continue to let us know how NIVEA makes you and your skin feel.