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bringing equality to the bathroom

Now, it’s common to walk into the chemist and see rows of men’s skincare products. But 90 years ago, men’s skincare consisted of little more than soap and water. Yet men have just as many skincare needs as women, if not more. There was an obvious gap in the market. So in 1922, we introduced our first product for men, NIVEA Shaving Soap, followed a few years later by our first shaving foam. These products finally gave men the creamier shaving experience they had been searching for. But there were more unique needs to address. And in 1980, we set another trend by releasing our alcohol-free After Shave Balm. For the first time, men had an affordable and widely available aftershave that soothed and relieved the irritation of shaving, rather than adding to it. It was an instant success and led to a revolution in men’s skincare. What we had proved was that men really wanted and needed their own products. And in 1986, we granted their wish. No longer would men have to use products that belonged to their wives, sisters or mothers. Now they could use NIVEA for Men, a range of skincare products just for them. From creams to electric razors. From oil control to anti-ageing. From face scrubs to body washes. The line-up of NIVEA for Men products has multiplied since that first jar of shaving soap. And it will continue to evolve as the skincare needs of men evolve.