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Back in 1997 when we launched the first NIVEA website, few people would have foreseen just how dramatically the internet would transform the way we talked to our consumers around the world.

But as we celebrate our 100th anniversary, that original one-size-fits-all website has now become 58 country-specific websites, each tailored to reflect the different skincare needs, cultural sensitivities, and product ranges available in each country. And as you might expect, running all these websites has its challenges.

For example, when we created our Arabic website, we had to reverse all the content on our site – the navigation, text, images, everything – so that it read from left to right for our Arabic consumers.

It was a mammoth task – especially for our IT developers, who had to adjust the site’s underlying programming so that every page was mirrored perfectly, yet still functioned correctly. But it was a huge success. And today, countries throughout the Middle East have their own Arabic-language NIVEA website.

But no matter what language they appear in, our entire websites share the same goal: to bring better skincare for life to everyone.

We also connect with our consumers elsewhere on the web. As well as a dedicated YouTube channel, we have many country-specific NIVEA pages on Facebook, where we now connect with approximately a million fans around the world.

Reaching out to beauty and skincare bloggers has also given us a refreshing new way of bringing NIVEA to new audiences. We regularly invite bloggers to try our latest products, and invite them to talks given by our top scientists about our innovations. It’s a great way to get unbiased and independent skincare information to people who might not see it in traditional media.

Meanwhile, smartphones and tablet computers now allow us to bring our skincare expertise to people wherever and whenever they need it – not just through our websites, but through apps like our NIVEA SUN SPF & Product Advisor.

This app and mobile site offers weather and UV forecasts for around 600 places worldwide. But what makes it truly innovative is that it also offers personalised sun protection product recommendations based on these forecasts and a person’s skin type – a real step forward, given the confusion many people face when choosing sunscreens.

Thanks to digital media, we can customize our communication to ensure that everyone is getting the personal help they need. And it’s just one of the many ways NIVEA is using new technology to bring our message of better skincare to people everywhere.