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Best Cleanser for Your Skin Type

Combination skin or dry skin? Normal, blemished or sensitive skin? Every skin type has different characteristics. You’ll find all the important information to allow you to find out your skin type here.

Skincare depends on your skin type!

It’s important to know your own skin type so that you can optimally care for your skin. This isn’t always easy, as everyone’s skin is different and changes over time. However, skin can be categorised based on five types. Find out your skin type!

Skin type 1: combination skin

Combination skin takes its name from the fact that it is a combination of two skin types: normal to dry skin and oily, blemished skin. Combination skin shines and tends to develop small blemishes – especially in the so-called T-zone between the forehead, nose and chin. By contrast, the cheek area is normal to dry. Choose a care product that is specifically tailored to your skin type, in order to promote the restoration of the skin’s own moisture balance.

This is what combination skin is like:

  • oily shine 
  • tends to develop impurities in the T-zone 
  • the cheek area is more dry

Combination skin

Your T-zone needs extra attention

Tips for combination skin

  • Cleanse your skin thoroughly before applying facial care products.
  • Use lukewarm water instead of hot or ice-cold water.
  • Regularly use a moisturiser – a hazelnut-sized amount is enough!
  • Choose a product that is especially suited to combination skin.
  • Try a mild facial wash that cleanses thoroughly and gently. NIVEA Fair & Glow Hokkaido Rose Whip Foam contains 0% Alcohol and 36x anti-oxidants from Hokkaido Rose extracts to cleanse, fight impurities, and give you a natural healthy glow. Pair it with NIVEA Fair & Glow Hokkaido Rose MicellAIR Cleanser for best results.

Skin type 2: dry skin

Does your skin look rough and flaky? Dry skin lacks moisture and lipids – i.e. fats. It is therefore less elastic, it is tight and, in many cases, tends to itch. It reacts to environmental influences in particular by becoming irritated. With special care creams, you can restore its moisture stores and strengthen your skin’s protective barriers.

This is what dry skin is like: 

  • tight and tends to itch 
  • rough and flaky appearance 
  • reacts quickly to external influences such as temperature.

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Tips for dry skin

Tips for dry skin

  • You can help your skin from within by having a healthy diet. Drink 2 litres of still water every day.
  • Day creams with sun protection factor protect your skin from UV radiation.
  • A serum is a perfect addition to your moisturising care.
  • Care products with natural oils relax your skin.
  • Try a facial wash that is gentle on the skin and does not further strip out moisture. NIVEA Extra White Whip Foam has 0% alcohol and pearl extract and licorice extracts that help naturally brighten skin tone. Pair it with NIVEA Extra White MicellAIR Cleanser for best results.

Skin type 3: sensitive skin

Sensitive skin reacts more to external influences such as stress, dry air from heating systems or UV light. If the skin is thrown out of balance, it feels tight, itchy and dry and develops redness. Sensitive skin therefore requires extra special care to calm it and strengthen its barriers at the same time, thus making it more resistant. 

This is what sensitive skin is like: 

  • is sensitive to environmental influences 
  • is tight and itchy 
  • is often red.

Sensitive skin

An important requirement for sensitive skin is rest!

Tips for sensitive skin

  • Choose a cream that provides protection against harmful environmental influences.
  • Gently dab your face with a towel after cleansing it rather than rubbing it vigorously.
  • Choose perfume-free products: fragrances can cause skin irritation.
  • Pay attention to your diet – hot spices are not good for your skin.
  • Try any variant from our line of NIVEA MicellAIR Cleansers. They all have 0% alcohol and are dermatologically tested to be suited for sensitive skin. 

Care? It’s all down to your skin type!

Different skin types have different needs. And some require more care and attention than others. This includes blemished and sensitive skin, for example.

Retain your youthful appearance!

As you get older, your skin’s requirements change. Many external factors influence the ageing process, but the reduced activity of the skin cells also leaves its mark. With the right care, you can keep your youthful appearance for longer.