Baby care tips for the summer months

  • Make sure your baby is dressed in suitable clothing during the summer. Lightweight, light-coloured garments will keep them cool in warmer temperatures. Don’t forget to put on a hat to shield their face from the sun.
  • Hydration for babies is more important than ever during the summer months. When it’s very hot, make sure to to breastfeed more frequently. Additionally, you can offer bottled (still) water to your baby.
  • Ventilation is key – babies don’t sweat to cool themselves down as effectively as adults do, which is why keeping an eye on your baby and making sure they don‘t overheat is crucial.
  • As we know, sun safety for kids is enormously important, but babies have such delicate skin that avoiding direct sunlight altogether is recommended. Finding an area of shade is usually the best option to avoid any risk to your little one.
  • Avoid taking your baby out when the sun is at its strongest. Between the hours of 10am-2pm are when your baby is most at risk from sun exposure. Even after just 10-15 minutes of being outdoors during those hours can burn your baby’s delicate skin or bring on heat exhaustion.