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Facial care for men – Specialized for male skin

Male skin has distinct demands that are fundamentally different from female skin. Therefore, products for men’s facial care must be specifically developed to meet their precise needs. Some men turn to facial care products meant for women, not realizing that those products are incompatible with their own skin, often containing too many oils.

Facial care for men – Meeting the needs of men’s skin  
Male skin is between 15 and 20 percent thicker than female skin and has far more sebaceous glands. This results in skin that’s prone to acne and skin impurities. Facial care products that are created for men specifically care for such issues and provide moisture with less oil so as not to damage pores.

Skin care for men based on skin type and age

Male facial skin comes with more hair follicles on the lower third of their faces, which is what gives them the impressive ability to grow mustaches and beards! Between 5,000 and 30,000 hairs grow side by side, and each one is surrounded by hair follicle glands or sebaceous glands. Skin care dedicated to men takes this, as well as the impact of shaving, into consideration. Male facial skin also contains more collagen, which is why it remains more elastic and firmer longer than women’s skin. However, beginning at the age of 35, the collagen fibers start degrading (and can degrade even faster for women). Active ingredients for anti-aging, differentiated by day and night care, brings effective anti-aging results for men. For these aspects of men’s skin care, NIVEA uses long-time expertise and modern dermatological knowledge as a basis for progressive and carefully balanced men’s skin care concepts.