NIVEA cares for family

NIVEA is trusted by families to take care of their skin for more than a hundred years. Our brand has been established as a true family member in homes all around the globe, thus, caring for families beyond skincare is not only our social commitment but something that comes naturally to us.

Our Partner: Fairplay for All Foundation

In 2017, NIVEA Philippines found a great partner in Fairplay for All Foundation, an NGO established in response to the needs of the marginalized community in Payatas, Metro Manila. The partnership works on projects that make a true difference for the local families.

Sharing the Same Vision

The partnership works on bringing to life the same vision:

  • To provide opportunities for mothers' empowerment, as mothers have the role of shaping their families' lives
  • To build competencies for children, which we believe is a sustainable way of empowering children and their families

The Fairplay Café gives employment to local mothers. In 2017, it was expanded, to improve its facilities and capacity

Support was given to Team Philippines to participate in the Street Child World Cup, an international football tournament that advocates for the rights of street children.

The 2nd Futsal Court was opened to accommodate roughly 200 children and give them a safe space to play

The Fairplay Futsal League is a friendly tournament, that aims to build interest in the sport.

NIVEA employees spend an early Christmas celebration with the students of Fairplay.

Our Commitment