Take Care of Your Face with
Micellar Water


In this busy world, your skin may not get the attention it deserves. Micellar Water has the advantage of saving time while treating your face to the gentle care it needs.

Adding Micellar Water to your skincare routine

What is Micellar Water and how do you use it best? We explore the science of this popular product and explore how it works on the skin.

What is Micellar Water and how does it work?

NIVEA Micellar Water was specially formulated as a quick, pleasant, and efficient cleanser and make-up remover. It contains special structures formed by surfactant molecules which are known as micelles.

These help to remove make-up even from the eyes and lips, as well as sebum and other impurities from the skin.

Micellar Water intensively, but gently cleanses the skin in one easy step, whilst even moisturising.

Because of the innovative micellar technology, it is very mild yet highly effective and thus can be used (with a cotton pad) without any need for rinsing or rubbing.

What can Micellar Cleansing Water be used for?

Micellar Water is a cleanser much loved for its versatility. With its micellar technology, it acts as a face cleanser, toner, and make-up remover. Furthermore, it moisturizes the skin. Whether you want to remove the dirt from the day or take off your make-up, Micellar Water is always up for the job.

7 ways Micellar Cleansing Water can help you take care of your face

  • Micellar Water removes make-up conveniently
  • It intensively cleanses and lets the skin breathe freely.
  • Micellar Cleansing Water also acts as a toner.
  • The final part of the 3-in-1 action is softly moisturising effect.
  • It contains precious oils and vitamins.
  • Micellar Cleansing Water removes make-up and cleanses the face at the same time.
  • It can also be used on sensitive areas like the eye and lip area.

Kind and caring cleansing

Choose from our line of Micellar Cleansers that have 0% alcohol and are dermatologically tested to suit all skin types.

They contain no parabens, silicone, fragrance, and colourants that can irritate the skin.

NIVEA Extra White MicellAIR Cleanser deeply removes dirt, oil and even waterproof makeup without stripping moisture. It also has Pearl & Licorice extracts that help naturally brighten skin tone.

NIVEA Acne Clear MicellAIR Cleanser has Magnolia Bark extracts that act as an anti-inflammatory agent which also helps prevent new acne from forming by increasing skin cells' resistance to external stresses and inflammation.

NIVEA Fair & Glow Hokkaido Rose MicellAIR Cleanser contains 36x anti-oxidants from Hokkaido Rose extracts to effectively cleanse and give you a natural healthy glow.

NIVEA Oil Control MicellAIR Cleanser has Carnitine that helps reduce and control oil for up to 8 hours.

Because Micellar Water together with a cotton pad works like a magnet, without rubbing - all it takes is a swipe.

Gentle and effective make-up remover

The beauty of Micellar Water is that it doubles as a face and eye make-up remover. Whether you have on light make-up for work or a full face of make-up and mascara from a night out, Micellar Water will get it off in a jiffy. The formula is designed to ensure quick but gentle removal.