Get Visibly Clearer Skin in 7 days with NEW NIVEA Acne Repair

Get Visibly Clearer Skin in 7 days with NEW NIVEA Acne Repair!

Acne is one of the most common skin concerns especially among teenagers and young adults, and it is usually triggered by various factors such as stress, hormonal changes and the environment, especially high humidity and pollution. With everything that you need to consider changing like your lifestyle and daily habits, addressing acne can be challenging.

Get visibly clearer skin in 7 days with NEW NIVEA Acne Repair!

NIVEA Acne Repair

NIVEA Acne Repair is here to help give you visibly clearer skin in as early as seven (7) days! It has five (5) acne-fighting ingredients that target the root causes of acne:

  • Salicylic Acid that helps skin exfoliation
  • Licorice & Magnolia Extracts that soothe skin inflammation
  • 99% Pure Sea Salt that helps repair skin
  • Carnitine that controls oiliness
  • Sodium Hyaluronate that adds to skin moisture

Treating acne requires some investment and patience, but if you stick with a trusted brand and a consistent face care routine, your hard work will pay off in the end. No matter how severe your acne is, NIVEA Acne Repair is here to help you address the root causes of acne and give your skin the love it deserves.

Nivea Genzit

Here’s how you can incorporate NIVEA Acne Repair in your anti-acne routine:

  1. Cleanse your face thoroughly. You want to remove dirt, oil and makeup that can clog your pores, so cleansing deep into your pores is key. NIVEA Acne Repair offers 2 kinds of cleansers for your choice: a gentle micro cleanser and a daily scrub.
  • Cleanse using NIVEA Acne Repair Gentle Micro Cleanser – it reaches deep into the pores to remove any lingering oil and dirt, balance pH and control shine.
  • Exfoliate using NIVEA Acne Repair Daily Scrub, a gentle daily scrub that unclogs pores by removing dead skin cells.
  1. Apply a toner. Toners are an important step for acne-prone skincare. A toner will cleanse and close your pores to create a barrier. NIVEA Acne Repair Toner is a refreshing hydration boost that keeps pores clean by controlling oil, shine and bacteria.
  2. Apply a spot treatment. If you have pus-filled acne, such as whiteheads, zits, spots or cysts, a spot treatment can help reduce these blemishes quickly, as the ingredients go deep into the skin. NIVEA Acne Repair Spot Serum is a smooth gel that reduces the appearance of spots in as early as 3 days!

NIVEA Acne Repair Range

For best results, use the full NIVEA Acne Repair range that is skin compatibility dermatologically approved. Effective yet gentle on your skin, it has no added paraben and hydroquinone that can cause skin irritation.

Available in Watsons stores nationwide and online, and in Lazada, and Shopee. Try it now and get visibly clearer skin in 7 days!

Get visibly clearer skin in as early as 7 days!