Your guide to glowing skin

Having healthy-looking skin can be a real confidence booster, but it isn’t always easy to achieve. Discover how to support the natural glow of your skin and keep it looking radiant for longer.

How to adapt your skin care routine for a glowing face

The way you look after your skin and products you use can have a big impact on how radiant your skin looks.

Why is it desirable to have glowing skin?

Radiant skin that feels smooth and looks glowing is something we all strive for and it’s about much more than just appearance. The skin is the largest organ in the body and has the important job of protecting from harmful, external influences.

Healthy skin protects you for example from harmful bacteria and viruses.

That’s why it’s essential to take care of it at all times with a good skincare routine and make healthy lifestyle choices for the benefit of your skin.

A glowing face needs protecting: Don’t forget SPF

Damage from UV rays can affect your complexion, as well as being harmful in lots of other ways. Make sure to always cover up using a sunscreen specifically developed for the face like NIVEA Sun Protect and Moisture Face Cream SPF 50 – that way your skin will stay radiant.

Clean your makeup brushes regularly

Makeup brushes are a common way of spreading bacteria on the face, which can leave you with a dull complexion and encourage blemishes too. Make sure to clean your makeup brushes on a regular basis to keep them sanitary and your skin will stay glowing and healthy.

Your step-by-step skin care routine for glowing skin


Exfoliating once or twice a week using a good facial scrub will remove dead skin. What’s more, it’ll stimulate blood circulation in your face to give you skin that glows.

Your step-by-step skin care routine for glowing skin

Removing makeup

If you don’t thoroughly remove your makeup every evening, you may find yourself with clogged pores and increased blemishes. 

Your step-by-step skin care routine for glowing skin


Cleansing is a key step to any skin care routine and essential for washing away impurities that may be causing a dull complexion. NIVEA Fair and Glow Hokkaido Rose Whip Foam protects the skin’s natural moisture balance as it cleanses to keep it looking fresh.

Your step-by-step skin care routine for glowing skin


Finally, it’s time to rehydrate the skin. A good moisturiser like NIVEA Care will provide intensive nourishment without a greasy feel. Apply moisturiser twice a day and your complexion will thank you.

Everyday lifestyle tips for glowing skin

Find out how by making a few changes to your lifestyle, you can enjoy skin that looks brighter and more radiant.

Keep hydrated all day long

Drinking a lot of water and always keeping hydrated will help to avoid a tired-looking complexion. It’ll even help to plump the skin for the radiant and glowing face you’ve always wanted.

Snack ideas: Eat your way to glowing skin

Mixed nuts

Mixed nuts should be part of any diet for glowing skin. They contain omega-3 fatty acids to reduce inflammation and blemish-prone skin. Furthermore, they’re easy and convenient to snack on throughout the day.

Snack ideas: Eat your way to glowing skin


Watermelon is rich in lycopene, which helps to reduce UV damage from excessive exposure to the sun. It’s also got a high water content so is great for rehydrating you. 

Snack ideas: Eat your way to glowing skin

Carrot and celery sticks

Vegetables like carrot and celery contain antioxidants, which are responsible for stopping free radicals from causing damage to the skin. Snacking on these crunchy sticks will keep hunger at bay, whilst keeping your complexion glowing.

Snack ideas: Eat your way to glowing skin


Berries are full of Vitamin C, which helps to produce collagen to strengthen the skin and help it to stay plump and radiant for longer. They’re quick and easy to munch on or pop in a smoothie if you’d prefer.

Snack ideas: Eat your way to glowing skin


Try roasting some chickpeas in olive oil for a skin-brightening snack. They’re rich in protein, which is great for skin, and won’t leave you feeling guilty afterwards.

Don’t be scared to get your sweat on – exercise is good for your skin

Have you ever heard of the post-workout glow? It’s no myth – skin really does look glowing after exercise.

During the day, dirt accumulates on the skin, which can be a cause for dull-looking skin. Exercise is great, because, dirt is washed off along with the sweat particles when you use the right face cleanser after exercise. Your complexion will also benefit from the boost in circulation caused by your increased heart rate.

Just make sure to always shower and wash your face with a good cleanser after exercise to remove any sweat and other impurities that could otherwise cause blemishes.

Are you a smartphone user? Keep it sanitised!

Nowadays, we seem to be on and off our smartphones all day long, but don’t forget that each time you chat, your smartphone comes into contact with your face and bacteria may be transferred. Keep your screen sanitised by wiping it over with an antibacterial wipe after use.

5 lifestyle tips for glowing skin

  • Cut down on your alcohol intake, as it can negatively influence your skin
  • Make sure you’re getting enough sleep – our skin needs to renew as we sleep
  • Avoid very hot showers as they might dry out your skin
  • Be gentle with your facial skin – every time you touch it, you risk transferring bacteria
  • Stop smoking and avoid the cigarette smoke of people around you – the small particles in smoke can make your skin look dull

Yoga is good for your body and soul

Did you know it is also good for your face?