Derma Do’s, Dexpanthenol, and why they matter

Do the right thing for your skin

Dermatologists, beauticians, and aestheticians always stress the importance of hydration, moisture, and all the essential ingredients to accomplishing it. But sometimes the terms can be tough to understand, or reading the back of the box is like trying to understand a foreign language. So we’ll keep it simple. DO take care of your skin. DO love yourself. DO keep yourself hydrated and moisturized.

But how do I DO that?

You can help give your skin the love and care it deserves with NIVEA Derma Repair & Care, which contains the skin-moisturizing ingredient Dexpanthenol. It’s an all-around body lotion for extreme hydration, whether you have regular skin, sensitive skin, dry to very dry skin, or even itchy and irritated skin.

Dexpanthenol is the kind of ingredient that would usually only be found in creams exclusively from a dermatologist’s office or on the unaffordable shelves of luxury skincare brands. NIVEA has made this ingredient accessible to everyone with the launch of NIVEA Derma Repair & Care lotion. Healthy skin and feeling good about oneself should be available to anyone. No matter who you are and what your skin type is, you deserve quality ingredients like NIVEA Deep Moisture and Dexpanthenol.


We know that’s what you’re thinking, and we don’t blame you. Clinical or medical terms can be a mouthful, and they can sound incredibly complex. That’s why it’s important to have a partner who can help break it down for you! Luxury and skincare brands are constantly listing down all their great ingredients, but don’t you just wish someone could tell you the essentials… and more importantly, explain them!

What is Dexpanthenol and why do we need it?

Simply put, it’s a holy grail for skincare, especially irritated, itchy, or dry skin. Whether you’re wearing a mask all day, or stuck in a freezing cold room, or commuting with pollution all around, your skin is bound to be affected. This is where Dexpanthenol comes in. Not only does it improve hydration, but it also reduces water loss, helping you retain soft and supple skin. And that’s just the moisturization properties. We haven’t even scratched the surface of its soothing and repairing benefits!


Because of its penetration qualities, it’s easily absorbed into the skin, ensuring that it really gets to the source of the problem. As an anti-inflammatory, it provides fast-relief to itchiness and irritation. It’s no wonder that NIVEA, as the world’s Number 1 Skin Care and Philippines’ number 1 body lotion, specially formulated NIVEA Derma Repair & Care with Dexpanthenol. Because it knows just the right ingredients for your skin to give it the extra care it deserves.

Not only is NIVEA Derma Repair & Care dermatologically-approved to soothe and calm your skin after 1 application, but it also strengthens and protects the natural barrier of your skin. It is infused with 'DEEP MOISTURE SERUM'; a unique blend of your skin’s own hydration, moisture-locking lipids, and special oils that bind and hold water in the skin. All that, with a 72-hour coverage to provide lasting nourishment.

You can do it!

NIVEA makes it possible for you to achieve the Derma Do’s of skincare conveniently and affordably. Now that you know what to do and how to do it, you can begin to DO wonders for your skin and feel great about yourself with NIVEA Derma Repair & Care.

NIVEA Derma Repair & Care is available in 250ml and 400ml sizes in Watsons, Lazada, and Shopee. Try it today.