Men’s body care products: a fast-growing segment

When you think of men’s personal care products, what do you consider? Shaving creams? Aftershaves? The truth is, personal care products for men are now going beyond only facial grooming, and have expanded into items that look after the entire body. At the moment, products that are meant specifically to wash, moisturize and otherwise care for men’s entire bodies are becoming more and more popular and prevalent. In fact, men’s body care products are one of the fastest growing consumer sectors – meaning that men are starting to get the hang of purchasing these products and seeing the value in using them. Male consumers are also seeing the benefits of choosing products specifically tailored for them, instead of using whatever their wives or girlfriends have lying around.

Fitting men’s body care products into your daily routine

Almost every body care product women have had available to them for years now has an answering men’s product. This includes body cleansing products, moisturizers, hair removal solutions, hand and foot creams, and even oral care. These are mostly customized for men in their fragrances and ingredients in order to deliver results that help them feel fresher, smell better and be more comfortable. And if you’re starting to feel a little overwhelmed by the multiple men’s body care products, just remember that most of them are simply giving you a better option in place of what you already use. For example, you probably already take a shower every day, so choose a men’s body wash or men’s soap bar, which have more energizing, masculine scents and better clean men’s more active sweet glands. The same goes for men’s deodorants, which are specially formulated to handle men’s anti-perspirant and deodorizing needs. Also, consider adding body care products you may not typically include into your daily routine, such as men’s moisturizers. The benefits these types of products deliver far outweigh the time spent (a few minutes per day) using them, as they’ll give you hydrated, well-cared for skin while being made with ingredients that penetrate men’s thicker skin.