Environmental Responsibility

NIVEA cares for family

NIVEA cares for family

NIVEA is trusted by families to take care of their skin for more than a hundred years. Our brand has been established as a true family member in homes all around the globe, thus, caring for families beyond skincare is not only our social commitment but something that comes naturally to us.

Our Partner: Fairplay for All Foundation

Our Partner Fairplay for All Foundation

In 2017, NIVEA Philippines found a great partner in Fairplay for All Foundation, an NGO established in response to the needs of the marginalized community in Payatas, Metro Manila. The partnership works on projects that make a true difference for the local families.

Sharing the Same Vision

The partnership works on bringing to life the same vision:

  • To provide opportunities for mothers' empowerment, as mothers have the role of shaping their families' lives
  • To build competencies for children, which we believe is a sustainable way of empowering children and their families

Our Commitment