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Lip care: Protection and care for beautiful lips

Lips are exposed to numerous stresses in everyday life. The sun, cold temperatures and dry heating air easily rob the our lips' delicate skin of moisture. After all, unlike the rest of the face, the skin on our lips has neither sebaceous glands nor a protective layer of oil. The result is that our lips easily become chapped, rough and cracked and lose their natural beauty. There are various lip care products that can counteract this. These provide the lips with moisture and protect them from wind and weather. Moreover, the right lip care regenerates dry, already badly damaged lips and helps to heal cracked corners of the mouth. Lips become soft and supple again, look cared for and stay healthy.

The right lip balm for every need

Just like face care, NIVEA's lip care is tailored to a variety of different needs. Their low pigmentation means that our lips are only slightly protected against harmful UV rays. It is therefore best to use lip care products with integrated UV protection while sunbathing. In the cold winter, however, it is important to make use of particularly rich care products. Lip care products also differ with regard to application and consistency. The traditional stick balm works on the same principle as a lipstick. A practical protective cap protects it from dirt. To use, the stick is simply turned and applied to the lips. Lip butter, on the other hand, comes in a small tin and should be applied with a finger. All NIVEA lip care products are small, handy and convenient to use – perfect when you're on the go.

Effective ingredients for supple, well-conditioned lips

NIVEA uses a wide range of quality ingredients to ensure rich care for your lips. NIVEA invented lip care; as such, the company brings not only many years of experience to the development of new products, but also the latest research findings. This results in products that care for and protect your lips in harmonious interaction with the skin's own functions. Moistening your lips with your tongue in fact has a harmful effect. Doing this dries out the skin even more and irritates it. Regular lip care on the other hand provides long-lasting protection against these conditions. And contrary to rumours, this will not cause any dependence on lip balm.

Care, fragrance and colour in one!

With NIVEA lip care, effective nurturing and protecting ingredients are combined with pampering cosmetic properties. Gently nourished lips are given an even, natural look with a light tint. Pearly lustre or shimmering pigments will add a special gloss to your lips, while an aromatic fragrance caresses your senses. There are also various lip care products without any added cosmetic characteristics. Male lip care products do not have any gloss or fragrance either – the highly effective care formula alone ensures healthy, well-conditioned lips.