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1. How should baby products, in general, be applied?

All NIVEA Baby products contain an application advice. They  can be used on a daily basis and should be applied gently by clean hands or just using single fingers.

2. Are there any NIVEA baby products without chamomile?

The majority of our NIVEA Baby products do not contain chamomile. Only the NIVEA Baby Gentle Shampoo & Bath, the NIVEA Baby Soft Bath and the NIVEA Baby Extra Mild Shampoo contain chamomile.

3. Should I rinse NIVEA Baby bath cream / bath + shampoo (2 in one) from my baby's skin?

Yes, all rinse-off products (Shampoo and Bath Care) should always be washed off gently but thoroughly.

4. At what age can I start using sunscreens on my baby?

In general, dermatologists recommend that babies and children of up to 3 years of age should avoid direct sunlight since their skin’s own protective system is not fully developed, and babies under one year of age should not be exposed to direct sunlight at all. If you would like to use sunscreen as an additional protection for your child, the NIVEA Baby Sun Care range offers the highest protection. 
NIVEA Baby SUN Lotion 50+ is suitable for protecting babies against reflected sunlight from 3 months of age and as NIVEA Baby SUN products are free from colorants, preservatives and perfume, these products are especially suitable for babies' sensitive skin. For protecting children of 1 year and above from the sun the NIVEA SUN Kids products, available in the conventional NIVEA Sun Care range, are also suitable.

5. Why are NIVEA Baby products particularly suitable for babies’ sensitive skin?

If you're looking for products without preservatives, our NIVEA Baby Oil, the NIVEA Baby Cold Protection Cream, the NIVEA Baby Pure & Sensitive Intensive Cream, the NIVEA Baby Oilbath, the NIVEA Baby Cream Soap or the NIVEA Baby Nose Cleanser could be the products of your choice.

6. Which NIVEA Baby products do not contain perfume?

If you're looking for NIVEA Baby products without perfumes, the NIVEA Baby Pure & Sensitive Wipes, the NIVEA Baby Sun Lotion SPF 50 and the NIVEA Baby Sun Cream SPF 30 could be the products of your choice.

7. Which NIVEA Baby products do not contain preservatives?

If you're looking for products without preservatives, our NIVEA Baby Oil, the NIVEA Baby Cold Protection Cream, the NIVEA Baby Pure & Sensitive Intensive Cream, the NIVEA Baby Oilbath, the NIVEA Baby Cream Soap or the NIVEA Baby Nose Cleanser could be the products of your choice.

8. Are there any perfume-free versions of NIVEA Baby wipes?

Our NIVEA Baby Pure & Sensitive Wipes are perfume free. For this reason they are specifically suited to the needs of babies with extra sensitive skin.

9. Can I dispose the NIVEA Baby toddies via the toilet? Are they biodegradable?

Our consumers expect well tolerated products, not only for themselves but also for the environment. So to us, sustainability is a very important aspect of our product quality. The NIVEA Baby Toddies Wipes have been checked for the "Ready biodegradability" according to the OECD standard 301 at an external institution. This evaluation takes into account the fast and reasonably complete degradation of a substance in an aquatic environment under aerobic conditions (by microorganisms in a sewage plant). As the NIVEA Baby Toddies meet all requirements of the OECD norm, they are allowed to be claimed "biodegradable" and can be flushed via the toilet. According to the usage instruction, please do not flush more than 5 wipes at a time!

10. How often should I bathe my baby?

In order not to stress the natural protective barrier of your baby’s skin too much, you should refrain from excessively bathing your baby. From a hygienic point of view, one bath per week is sufficient. However, if your baby enjoys its bath, you can bath it more often, but be careful not to extend the bath for too long as this may dry out your baby´s skin too much. Remember: Never leave your child unattended in the water!

11. What is the advantage of the NIVEA Baby oil bath?

With every washing procedure not only dirt but also valuable lipids are removed from the skin surface and the natural defense mechanisms of the sensitive baby´s skin are disturbed, even when bathing in pure water only. For this reason, length and frequency of your baby´s baths should be limited. Bathing additives such as the NIVEA Baby Oil bath help to restore the natural protective mechanisms of the skin by replenishing the skin barrier lipids.

12. Can I put a regular body lotion on my baby as I use it myself?

The NIVEA Baby products are designed and tested specifically for the needs of sensitive baby skin. They are all dermatologically tested and provide optimal care for your baby's skin that is still developing and not yet of the same quality like adults’ skin. Therefore, we recommend to use NIVEA Baby Care products for your Baby and not the body lotion adults use for themselves.

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